Integrated Virtual Power Plant with Smart Energy Storage
Ampere Energy | Valencia | Spain | 2015
Researching, developing, and deploying distributed ledger technologies that support environmental sustainability
Aurora Network | San Francisco | USA | 2015
Contributing to a transactive grid by providing key elements like pricing and secure machine-to-machine transactions
Blocklab | Rotterdam | Netherlands | 2017
A platform connecting energy buyers and sellers in a local energy market place
Conjoule | Essen | Germany | 2017
Building a non-standard distributed autonomous laboratory dedicated to energy transition complexity through the prism of data and infromation infrastructures
Daisee | Lyon | France | 2016
Creating new marketplaces to expand energy decision-making power for generators and consumers
Drift Marketplace | Seattle | USA | 2014
Assists solar power producers, solar companies and Affiliates to on-board solar installations to the SolarCoin Program
ElectricChain | Andorra la Vella | Andorra| 2016
Overarching web and mobile platform providing homeowners an avenue to browse and purchase electricity from a retailer or small-scale energy producers
Electrify Asia Pte Ltd | Singapore | 2017
A wholesale marketplace for energy and flexibility services underpinned by a DER asset registry
Electron | London | United Kingdom | 2015
Creating favorable market conditions for energy startups
Energy Unlocked | London | UK | 2015
A blockchain-based support policy for renewables
NRGCoin | Houthalen | Belgium | 2013
Mobile Mining Units: decentralized blockchain infrastructure data centers
Envion AG | Baar | Switzerland | 2017
Distributed, low-cost, transparent control of small loads to balance the grid and engage consumers
FlexiDAO | Barcelona | Spain | 2017
Targeted AI that precisely defines outliers by generating only the most accurate proof-of-green energy available
greeneum | Tel Aviv | Israel | 2017
Provides anyone with the possibility to create and manage energy communities on the Ethereum blockchain
Hive Power | Lugano | Switzerland | 2017
Blockchain-based green energy sharing platform that connects billions of future energy consumers with millions of renewable project suppliers around the world
KiWi New Energy | Plano | USA | 2017
Delivers software & hardware allowing poor households in Africa to buy solar energy using their mobile phone
M-PAYG | Copenhagen | Denmark | 2015
Offer blockchain based solutions as a full service to utilities and other stakeholders in the energy sector with a focus on hardware integration and smart contract development
OLI Systems | Stuttgart | Germany | 2016
Private cybersecure distribution market
Omega Grid | Chicago | USA | 2017
Enables decentralized energy projects to find investors for growth in an evergreen community
Positive Energy Community | Singapore | 2017
Blockchain platform providing a market trading and clearing mechanism for residential and commercial businesses to decide who they sell their surplus energy to and at what price
Power Ledger | Perth | Australia | 2016
Simplifying the power markets by empowering communities and IPPs to take control over their power
ReWatt Power | Calgary | Canada | 2015
Share & Charge
Decentralized charging network for seamless and smart charging
Share & Charge | Essen | Germany | 2017
Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore - Virtual energy trading
SERIS | Singapore | 2008
A bockchain-based market platform for managing decentralized exchange of (renewable) energy and smart energy services
Spectral | Amsterdam | Netherlands | 2015
Energy-trading platform that creates a new business model for buying and selling electricity, contributing to greater independence when it comes to energy, finance and mobility
SunContract | Ljubljana | Slovenia | 2017
A marketplace for conscious capital to build and accelerate the global transition to solar energy
The Sun Exchange, Inc. | Cape Town | SA | 2015
Decentralized energy & self-determined prosperity, starting with value, not money
The Sun Protocol | Hainburg | Germany| 2018
PowerToShare applications, network and marketplace aiming at an energy system for sustainable future
Toblockchain B.V. | Hague | Netherlands | 2017
A crypto-cooperative for consumers to buy electricity directly from producers
UrKraft | Starnberg| Germany | 2017
By combining deep learning AI & IoT with blockchain, our peer-to-peer energy trading platform aims to improve access to affordable, low carbon energy and incentivise uptake of renewable technologies
Verv | London | United Kingdom | 2010
A blockchain platform connecting buildings’ energy systems with EV chargers
Virtual Power Plant | Warsaw | Pland | 2013

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